Ramtown Fire Company


In Service Apparatus

Chief's Vehicle 19-466

2022 Chevy Tahoe Command Vehicle

Assistant Chief's Vehicle 19-467

2016 Chevy Suburban Command Vehicle

Engine 19-474

2022 International/Pierce 4X4 Pumper

1st due Engine for brush fires and water/ice rescues. 

3rd Due Engine for all structural fire calls.

Responds 1st due to any fire in any hard to access areas where a standard engine could not access.

Used for snow or high water response or other inclement weather emergencies. 

Engine 19-475

2009 Pierce Velocity Pumper

1st due Engine to all structural fire calls such as building fires, fire alarms, smoke conditions, etc.

2nd due Engine to all motor vehicle accidents and other rescue calls.

Squad 19-480

2015 KME Rescue Engine

1st due Engine to motor vehicle accidents, rescue assignments, hazardous materials incidents, CO alarms, and EMS assists.

2nd due Engine to structural fire calls 

Truck 19-490

2002 Pierce Dash 75' rear mount straight stick 

1st due Truck to all structural calls, alarm activations, and high angle rescue assignments.

Tanker 19-495

1997 Peterbuilt/ S&S Tanker

4000 gallon water tank. Responds to fire calls in areas without hydrants.

Rescue 19-486

2003 Ford F550 Rescue truck

1st due Rescue to special rescue assignments.

2nd due for EMS calls 

Brush 19-494

1994 Ford F350 Brush Truck

Responds to any fires in woods or away from roadways.

Utility 19-488 

2012 GMC 3500 Utility Truck

Utility 19-487

2005 Ford Excursion Utility Truck

Former Chief's Vehicle

Retired Apparatus

Assistant Chief's Vehicle  19-467

2009 Chevy Tahoe Command Vehicle

Former Chief's Vehicle

Engine 19-478

Sold to the Huntington Fire Department, Arkansas 

Utility 19-488

Donated to the Monmouth Beach Fire Department after hurricane sandy

Fire Police 19-499

Donated to the Farmingdale Fire Company.

Assistant Chief's Vehicle 19-467

Engine/Tanker 19-477

Engine 19-476

Foam Trailer

Class A foam: 40 gallons

Class B foam: 230 gallons