Ramtown Fire Company


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The Ramtown Fire Company is currently seeking new members to help serve their community.

Active Firefighter:

Minimum age requirement: 18 years old

Active volunteer firefighters are required to answer emergency calls any time of day or night. Emergency call can include structure fires, motor vehicle accidents or fires, brush fires, fire and carbon monoxide alarms, hazardous materials spills, technical rescues, medical assist calls, and much more!

In addition to emergency calls, firefighters are also required to attend non-emergency events such as meetings, training sessions and more. Fire company meetings are once a month, every3rd Tuesday. Training drills are usually every 4th Tuesday and if there happens to be a 5th Tuesday that month, however drills can be any day of the week based on scheduling requirements. 

New members are placed on at least a one year probationary period. During that time, new members will be required to attend the fire academy and additional in house training to become familiar with our equipment and operations. After completing the fire academy, firefighters are asked to continue taking additional classes and continue learning as much as possible. 

No previous firefighting experience is required, however it certainly is welcomed! All training and safety equipment is provided at no cost to the firefighter. 

Junior Firefighter: 

Minimum age requirement: 16 years old

Junior firefighters have similar requirements for active firefighters. Junior firefighters are not permitted to answer calls after 10:00 PM, on school nights, or at any time in which school is in session. Junior firefighters are never placed in a situation that could be hazardous or life threatening. They are allowed to respond to most calls and will be heavily supervised by the officer in charge or a senior firefighter.  The main focus of our junior firefighter program is training and to reinforce the importance of school work. Junior firefighters are required to maintain a minimum of a "C" average.

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